Here at Orange Skies Freefall Center, we have a case of the winter blues. Although we have so much to look forward to next year at our new location, we miss all of our old friends, especially you! We miss seeing the huge grins on your faces as you land from your first tandem. We miss hearing the cheers filled with adrenaline as you land under canopy. We miss feeling the excitement radiating around you as you board the plane. We miss you and we want to see you again soon!
So, we are offering a limited time, special offer to all of our tandem skydivers returning from last year! If you are a jumped with us last year, you can reserve a tandem for $179, saving you $50 from our regular price of $229. We want you to have an exclusive, pre-season opportunity to get the best skydiving deal in Colorado. Click the button below to access the special!

But act fast!

This deal is only valid until March 1st, 2019. After you reserve your tandem through this link, you will receive confirmation of your purchase and can book your tandem any time throughout the season, which starts on April 11th.

We want to see those smiles again and we want to show you our new home at Fort Morgan Municipal Airport. At Fort Morgan, we’ll be able to enjoy both a larger landing area and a beautiful, longer runway. Additionally, the Fort Morgan airport is much closer great restaurants, where you can stop for a quick, celebratory bite after you do another tandem! We’re looking forward to all the benefits of a small, close-knit community.
Finally, you still can expect the same great service and safety record on which we at Orange Skies pride ourselves, even though we’ll be at a new location. We have had the entire winter season to prepare for another great year of skydiving. We will once again be flying our shiny Super Caravan plane. Over the winter, our beautiful aircraft had tune-ups and spa days, so she’s ready to fly you up to 12,500 feet in under 15 minutes to skydive! Additionally, during the off season, all our skydiving equipment including parachutes, harnesses, and more has been thoroughly inspected and maintenanced by expert riggers. You can skydive at ease, knowing that our gear is in tip-top condition. Truly, our staff is growing weary from these months of snow and cold; we’re anxiously waiting for blue skies and jumpable days to bring you the very best experience in Colorado skydiving this upcoming summer. We can’t wait for you to be our guest again!