The Gift They’ll Never Forget

Purchase a skydiving gift card today

Experiences make the best gifts.

Not only are they more thoughtful, but an experience will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

And nothing is more memorable than skydiving. The world looks different at the open door of an airplane, 14,000 feet high in the blue Colorado skies. As we face our fears and take that liberating leap, we get to know ourselves in a whole new way. We get a new lease on life; a fresh perspective. And once your feet touch the ground again—there’s no feeling like it.

You’ll change someone’s life by giving them a skydive.

The gift that keeps on giving

Skydive Orange Skies is the highest-rated dropzone in the state—for a reason. Safety, fun, and expertise are our top priorities. So when you purchase a skydiving gift card for someone you love, they’re in the best hands.

The full price of a tandem skydive is $229, but we also give you the option to add the cost of video and photography to your gift card. Click below to purchase!


  • All gift card sales are final
  • Once your jump is booked, all cancellation policies apply
  • Gift cards expire two years after purchase