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Skydiving AFF-X Course in Colorado

Nothing is more exhilarating, more freeing, than leaping into the air thousands of feet above the earth. Like a bird or superhero—you get to live out the dream of flying that we’ve all had since we were young.

Learning how to skydive isn’t just an achievement, it will change your life. As Leonardo Da Vinci says: “For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward for there you have been and there you will long to return.”

Skydiving in Colorado

Now for a dose of truth: Skydiving is for the brave. During your AFF-X training, you will subject yourself to a harsh low oxygen environment multiple times a day. You will spike your adrenaline levels. You will challenge your mind to stay focused as your body accelerates into a controlled free fall exceeding speeds of 120 MPH. Nothing is there to stop you but your own survival skills, plus some strings and fabric.

For that reason, those training for skydiving should be in good physical and mental fitness. We recommend doing personal research about what it means to achieve your skydiving license prior to signing up for the course.

Skydiving AFF-X Course with Orange Skies

So you’re ready to get your skydiving license… Why should you train with Orange Skies?

    • We don’t believe in the traditional pass/fail style of skydiving training. Pass/fail is the norm throughout many training facilities around the world. We take a “skills accomplished” style of approach. We lean on your strengths as a student and build upon your weak spots in controlled environments, with a positive approach.
    • Our skydiving training utilizes modern coaching techniques. This includes wind tunnel training and tandem progression canopy coaching to build comfort and increase your body awareness at an accelerated rate so you can make the most out of every jump.
    • Our instructors are second to none. In addition to the standard USPA AFF instructional rating, our instructors are rigorously tested, continually trained, and thoroughly educated to provide you with the highest levels of service, safety, and training standards available in the industry!

How to get skydiving certified: What to expect

Getting your skydiving license is a lifetime achievement. But once you make the decision, what does that actually entail?

Skydiving solo requires a performance of basic skills in free fall and a solo sign off from an instructor. Skydiving with groups of other jumpers and at new locations requires your A license from the United States Parachute Association (USPA). Our program will take you from start to finish and beyond.


Step One: Ground School

To get the ball rolling, schedule the date of your first class using the contact form below. This is known as “Ground School,” and is where you’ll learn everything you need to know about skydiving before actually jumping out of a plane.

Step Two: Instructor Jumps

After ground school, you’ll take your first jumps with one or two USPA AFF-Rated Instructors. With each jump, you will learn more skills necessary for obtaining your A license.

Step Three: Solo Jumps

Once approved (normally after 6-8 jumps), you’ll be ready for your first solo jump. Your solo jumps are intended to get you comfortable jumping on your own. You won’t be jumping with an instructor, but they’ll be supporting your safety in the plane and on the ground.

Step Four: Coach Jumps

After you pass your solo jump(s), you’ll complete the remaining jumps needed with certified USPA coaches from Orange Skies. Your coaches will help you cultivate additional and necessary skills, like tracking, jumping in groups, and swooping and docking and looking awesome.

Step Five

Once you’ve finished all 25 jumps & passed your check dive, you’ll take your written and oral exam with us. You will be ready to receive your A license once you have accomplished the following requirements, per the USPA:

Persons holding a USPA A license may jump without supervision, pack their own main parachute, engage in basic group jumps, perform water jumps, and must have—

  • Completed 25 freefall jumps
  • Completed all requirements listed on the USPA A License Proficiency Card
  • Completed five group freefall skydives involving at least two participants
  • Received the signature and official stamp on the USPA A License Proficiency Card or USPA A License Progression Card (ISP)
  • Passed the USPA-developed written and oral USPA A-license exams

Skydiving with instructor: Train with the best

Orange Skies AFF Instructors are carefully chosen. On top of the USPA instructor certification, Orange Skies instructors go through additional training and evaluation both in the wind tunnel, free fall, canopy skills, along with proper communication and student instruction techniques.

You will find that many of our instructors hold multiple instructional ratings in the sport and also have a background in competitive skydiving. At Orange Skies, we value teaching strong fundamentals of skydiving first so that students graduate with a proper safe foundation from which they can grow into all the wonderful areas of the sport.

You will find that for whatever your short or long term goal is in skydiving, we have the expert that can take you there.

Skydiving Certification Cost

You will be required to pay a $100 deposit as you reserve your spot in Ground School. From there, pricing is as follows:

AFF ground school + Jump 1 = $350 (your deposit will be subtracted)
Dual-side instructor = $275
Single-side instructor = $225

What’s included:

    • Gear rental included in the price for each jump
    • Pack job for each jump
    • 1:1 instruction and coaching
    • Student jumpsuit
    • Student helmet and goggles
    • Altimeter

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