Denver Skydiving For Professionals

Fort Morgan Skies

Whether you call Colorado your home or are here for a visit, we offer a safe and close-knit skydiving community at Orange Skies. Jump these Orange Skies with friends or find the place to train your competitive team. We’ve got the skies for you.

Available for skydiving Thursday-Monday, April-September.
(Book in advance for weekend spots!)

Join us each Saturday for a bbq at the end of the day. 


All skydivers must have a USPA membership, B license or above, and an AAD in your rig. We love our fun jumpers; you help us stay the safest dropzone in Colorado.


 Experienced jumpers have the opportunity to sign up for a year membership with us to receive lower priced jump tickets, a custom built wooden locker for all of their gear, as well as perks such as discounts on new gear and a discounted tandem for a friend. Feel free to call if you have any questions!

Gear Rental

We do not currently have rental gear. You can visit www.sgras.com to have a rental rig dropped off for you to use.
We do not currently offer a student program. For all other pricing info visit our Pricing and Booking page.

Experienced Jumpers: 3% fee for CC use
All jumps are subject to weather, please read the FAQ for more details.
Package deals are non-refundable and non-transferable. Each club member has the first right to renew annually. Only 50 annual club memberships available.
Experienced jumpers required to hold USPA B licence (or foreign equivalent) or higher.
AAD Required.



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