Finally, Finally, Finally!

It is finally that time of year.

Orange Skies Freefall Center has re-opened at our new location! 

We have all been sitting, waiting, wishing all winter, dreaming of the sunny days to come where we fling ourselves gleefully out of airplanes and glide gracefully to the ground under our parachutes.

Last weekend, Orange Skies Freefall Center opened its doors at our new location at the Fort Morgan municipal airport to fun jumpers and tandems alike. Beautiful sunshine and steady breezes Friday and Saturday set the perfect spring day scene. As is Orange Skies tradition, we opened the first day of the season with an 11 way speed star, smiling faces all around. Between Friday and Saturday, we eased into our new location sending 9 loads, many enthusiastic tandems, and 100 fun jumpers.


Our competition teams were out in full force, already starting to train with Nationals in mind. The 2way MFS team Fallhalla was out testing the waters (albeit missing their camera flyer), as well as the 4way FS team, Orange Crush (also missing their regular tail flyer). Additionally, free flyers and belly flyers mingled and fun jumped together, packing and socializing on the temporary packing mats, sharing sunscreen and catching up after a long, cold winter. 

At our new home in Fort Morgan, we’re still settling in and getting used to our new home. Each load has been (and will be until we work out the sweet spot) spotted by our dropzone owner, Mike Bohn, to keep our jumpers safe. We’re loving our huge new landing area as well: so much room for activities! We’re even getting a good glimpse of our neighbors, who were out flying some flashy aerobatic planes. When we weren’t in freefall, we were on the ground gawking at the gorgeous planes. We’re anxiously awaiting our new hangar that should be built just in time for summer, but that certainly won’t stop us from having a good time at the dropzone!

To prove it, we had the customary Saturday night BBQ after jumping. The grill, which was spotlessly, amazingly shiny, was fired up after the last load. Hungry jumpers filled up on burgers and snacks as we hashed out the events of the day, and dreamed of the upcoming season. This is only the beginning.