This year, the winter blues hit us hard in Colorado. It’s been exceptionally cold and snowy and we’ve been unbelievably busy planning the move to our new home. Instead of sitting, waiting, wishing for summer, we all sought out our own little piece of summer: 

We went to Costa Rica!

From February 9th – February 18th, a contingent of Ninjas went down to the Tsunami Skydivers Costa Rica boogie to soak up some sunshine. 

For an entire week, the boogie-goers enjoyed beautiful, cloudless days with the perfect breeze for soft landings. (PSA: Always wear sunscreen. No Ninjas experienced sunburn on this trip due to responsible sunscreen application.) We jumped with load organizers from all over, including our very own DZO, Mike Bohn. Our ninjas flew graceful speedstars, unconfined by jumpsuits. Ninjas played in the sky, freeflying, chasing space balls, and turning slick belly points. The boogie-goers were even lucky enough to do two demo jumps, one into the nearby town of Tambór and into Santa Teresa.  

While there, we enjoyed the perks of being in Costa Rica, like observing the wildlife because seeing monkeys, iguanas, and macaws is a regular occurance. We enjoyed the delicious fresh fruit and the local hiking, through humid, calm woods to serene, refreshing waterfalls. We even tried our hand at some Spanish, with varying results. Without much cell phone service or internet access, it wasn’t just a vacation; the boogie was truly a get away.

We are also thrilled to share the biggest highlight of the trip: one of our ninjas, Tayler Oesterle got engaged to his now-fiancee, Micaela Durham! He proposed at the top of gorgeous waterfalls, in front of all his fellow ninjas and she said Yes.

Says Taylor of the Costa Rica trip: 

“Holy amazeballs that was the best vacation we’ve ever taken! Incredible jumps, beautiful people, world class skydivers, all set in paradise. I loved the Tsunnami Skydivers Boogie. We’ll be back.”

We have been home for a month and we’re still dreaming of Costa Rica, counting down the days until next year when we can grab all our Colorado friends and run off to a tropical paradise for a week of skydiving, fun and friends. Fortunately, skydiving season is just around the corner in Colorado and we can’t wait. Keep you eye on the blog for future updates on this seasons’ events, load organizers, specials, and more!