Do you have trouble deciding on New Year’s Resolutions that you’ll actually keep? Do you want to challenge yourself to face your fears by trying something exhilarating and new? Have you ever considered jotting down “Jump out of a perfectly good airplane” on your list? Make your New Year’s Resolution “Go Skydiving!” and let Orange Skies Free Fall Center help you accomplish it!

So why go skydiving, as opposed to choosing a more typical resolution like Lose Weight, Eat Healthier, or Read More? Perhaps, consider some other common resolutions: Make New Friends, Learn a New Skill/Hobby or Take Time for Self Care. If those last three resolutions interest you, skydiving can help! First, skydiving can help you make stronger friendships. It has been shown that people bond more deeply during high-adrenaline situations. By doing your first tandem skydive with friends or acquaintances, you’ll experience something together that will bond you for life. In addition, skydiving, which is considered an extreme sport, can also be a way to practice self-care. Extreme sports, like skydiving, are an amazing way to help your overcome fears. For example, skydiving has been shown to boost humility and increase self-confidence. Also, skydiving could even become your hobby. Many experienced skydivers did their first tandem skydive thinking that they would only go skydiving one time. Instead, they loved skydiving so much that they pursued their license to jump on their own. After your tandem, you might be ready to let skydiving become your passion! In short, skydiving definitely belongs on your list of New Year’s Resolutions.

This year, we’re offering a New Year’s Resolution discount for tandem skydivers! Orange Skies Free Fall Center is dropping the price of a tandem skydive to only $199, instead of $229, if you reserve your tandem in the month of January. You’ll get the premium tandem skydiving experience, for which Orange Skies is known, at a brand new facilities for a New-Year’s-Resolution rate. So choose a New Years Resolution that you’ll be glad to keep; go skydiving! Schedule your skydive with Orange Skies today by navigating to this New Year’s Resolution special and get ready for a spectacular 2019.