Ninjas, it’s a dismal time of year. A polar vortex has eaten the Midwest. Summer seems like a life time away. If you’re a fair weather jumper, your rig is in your closet as your reserve is slowly creeping closer to another pricey repack. If you’re a winter jumper, your jumpsuit is stretching out due to wearing too many layers under it (or maybe it’s just your winter weight). Devoted skydivers didn’t buy ski passes to save up for next season’s jump ticket package and we’re resorting to tiddly winks to stay busy. Is there still hope? What do we even have to look forward to?


There is still hope!

The Orange Skies Ground Zero jump ticket package is on sale for a limited time!

Take advantage of this great deal before it disappears on March 8th

What: 100 Jump Package + Orange Skies Membership

Get excited!

How Much: $2400

Well, what is the alternative? The prices after March 8th are as follows:

100 Jumps + Membership = $2800

50 Jumps + Membership = $1600 

Tickets (Non-member) = $35

Tickets (Member) = $30

When: February 3rd – March 8th

Limited time! Get ’em while they’re hot! We want to build a strong community from the very beginning this year, from Ground Zero. To show our devoted members how much we appreciate them, we are offering this great deal for a very short window of time. 

Where: Fort Morgan 

More details to come! Watch for a future blog post with details about the Orange Skies set up and local amenities!

Why: Because it gets you all kinds of great perks!

TLDR: Quality coaching and load organizing, amazing events, and the strongest community in Colorado.

Orange Skies is the only dropzone in Colorado where you’ll get access to load organizers for formation skydiving (belly!), freefly and movement groups. In addition to our local LOs, we regularly bring in badass load organizers from across the country! By simply saying, “Count me in, Load Organizer”, you can be on fun, safe, well-organized jumps at Orange Skies. In addition, the coaches and LOs are always willing to give you tips and feedback to help you be a better skydiver.

Also, Orange Skies will be bringing new events to you this summer! There will be freefly and belly skills camps, one or two Women’s Skydiving Leadership Network skills camps, and some 4way belly competitions. And that’s only the officially planned events so far!

Finally, your membership (bought with hard-earned dollards) includes DZ BBQs on the weekends where end-of-day story swapping and lively banter abound. This is truly where the Orange Skies community shines; our jumpers don’t scurry home after sunset load. We want our jumpers to stick and get to know one another. This sense of community on the ground builds a feeling of family in the sky. Our jumpers look out for one another, valuing safety everyone on the plane.


How do I pay? 

Contact Mike Bohn at or contact Shea Curtis at to set up payment.

Please contact Mike Bohn, Leland Procell, Shea Curtis or Tamara Bartlett with any other questions


Get to it!