Are you tired of all the work that goes into coordinating exciting, memorable team outings with your coworkers? Are you looking to expand your horizons and bond together without having to exhaust yourself planning the event? Do you want to secure great skydiving group rates with ease?

Fortunately, you are in luck!

This year, Orange Skies Freefall Center is proud to announce a new position designed specifically to help facilitate a great tandem experience for groups of coworkers, friends, Meetup groups, church groups, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family reunions and more! Orange Skies Freefall Center will be the very first skydiving center in Colorado to offer its customers this type of service, where our new Director of Corporate Outreach is focused on catering to the needs of your group making scheduling and coordination easy for you.

Tell me more about this Director of Corporate Outreach

Who: It’s me, Tamara Bartlett! As a skydiver at Orange Skies Freefall Center, I stay busy as a  community organizer, skydiving coach, avid competitor, and a tandem instructor. Now, I’m expanding my involvement to help give you the best group outing experience for your tandem skydives in Colorado. In 2013, when I did my first tandem skydive, I remember feeling anxious when I scheduled my jump. Looking back, I wish I had had a better point of contact to help me prepare and be comfortable with my first group outing as a tandem student. Now, I’m here to make that possible for you and your group of friends!

What does a Director of Corporate Outreach do?

I work with you to get you great group rates for your tandem skydiving outings. Additionally, I help reserve and book days for large outings that may otherwise be hard to coordinate. Finally, I can provide you with information about the other amenities in Fort Morgan like food options, lodging, or other great things to do in the area. In short, you can think of me as the concierge of Orange Skies Freefall Center.

Why are we creating this new role?

We believe that you should be able to focus on having fun when your group comes out to do tandem skydives. You should have a smooth, simple experience in scheduling. As a Director of Corporate Outreach, I will be here to give you the inside scoop so you know what to expect when your group comes to visit us.  Most importantly, we want to show our groups that we appreciate your business and give you the best group rates in Colorado.

So how does this work?

Instead of calling up Orange Skies Freefall Center or using the website to book tandems for you and your friends, email me directly at and I will work with you to find the best day, best time and get you the very best price.